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A Mythical Utopian Science Fiction Quest Adventure by Don Fenn

REVIEW: “In TROUBADOUR Don Fenn creates the first post-psychology myth of the heroic journey to wholeness, like the Holy Grail, the Golden Fleece, and Don Quixote. Such myths are, for the most part, an unthinking acting-out of the quest, usually with violence as a part of the search. But in TROUBDOUR it is the psyche that guides and structures the heroic process, lighting the way to the highest potential of individual human experience.
I’ve laughed in fits to the point where I nearly began to cry. I have been encouraged to think critically and profoundly about the structure of several emotions, and the great labor associated with them. I’ve felt saddened. Fenn has written a novel that demonstrates the extent to which thought is fundamentally an emotional experience. TROUBADOUR is the best stuff I’ve read in a very long time. It’s very powerful and in most places masterfully done. I will read it again five years from now and throughout my life.”
------ Christopher Britt Arredondo, PhD, Associate Professor of Spanish Literature, George Washington University.

REVIEW: “Troubadour is a novel written by a psychotherapist who is very successful at long-term character-changing psychotherapy. As a result of his effort, we can begin to see how psychology, in its richest form views our social and individual future. Don Fenn begins the quest of separating psychology from medicine’s prejudice that Health is primarily about sickness, turning psychology into a way of life – know thyself – instead of a diagnosis, emancipating it, and us from the tyranny of psychological correctness. This enables us for the first time to use the extraordinary acumen of psychological perspective to vastly increase our self and other understanding, as psychology becomes the core of knowing anything, the foundation of education, producing information employed not to estrange us from each other with diagnostic criticism, but to comprehend both our and others deficits in understanding, and mistakes in response. All of which, once realized, makes an enormous contribution to world peace.”
------ Rand Pollack PhD; Private Practice, Albany, CA

REVIEW: “What strikes me as very significant about TROUBADOUR is that it is a sensitive penetration into the future. For years I have been puzzled by the conflict with Plato about the poet in the Republic. Many feel that the poet King and not the philosopher King should rule. The poet is clearly the originator of civilization. He is the prophet, historian, and philosopher. Actually Fenn is one more thing that is now coming into its own. He is a psychologist as well as a poet. What has become increasingly obvious to me is that although the philosophers have been wonderful minds, they have been limited by the lack of information about the nature of man, a product of the great social scientists and most of all Freud.
In TROUBADOUR Don Fenn has given motive to the adventure of life that I have never before encountered. Fenn makes the profound point that feelings come first and then accountable action. Possibly Fenn has emerged with a nascent, more functional, and needed descriptive style… Perhaps he’s a new renaissance man. I hope everyone will note the more sophisticated call to the acknowledgement of the nature of things in TROUBADOUR.”
------ (Anonymous)

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