Synopsis of TROUBADOUR, by Don Fenn Click here to download free MP3 copies of Troubadour: The Second Coming

A Mythical Utopian Science Fiction Quest Adventure

In TROUBADOUR, Don Fenn creates the first post-psychology myth of the heroic journey to wholeness. Traditional myths survive because they illustrate a basic psychic process that inspires each generation anew, like the heroic quests of the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail, or Don Quixote. In TROUBADOUR it is the psyche that guides and structures the heroic process, lighting the way to the highest potential of individual human experience. This epic, utopian, psychological quest-adventure envisions a society whose principal purpose is the nourishment not of groups but of individual humans and where the prime directive of government is the encouragement and support of our best human performance, instead of keeping itself in power by policing our worst.

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