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A Mythical Utopian Science Fiction Quest Adventure by Don Fenn

A psychologist, Peter Icarus, healing to his patients, yet privately suffering from a life of unrelenting angst and un-fulfillment, is invited to visit a planet 200 years in the future. Accepting the invitation with great trepidation, he arrives traumatized by the instantaneous journey through space, is plunked into his living quarters with the barest preparation, and no orientation, where he remains largely uninformed, desperately lost and increasingly frightened.

Into this panicky mix two aliens regularly visit him, one, a woman who is his primary companion during his visit, the other perhaps the wisest person on Troubadour, a man known as Rain. They provide fascinating but shockingly implausible information about their society, while leaving his greatest needs, for guidance and to know the purpose of his visit, largely unattended. A third Troubadourian protects him on his outings into the strange and exotic nature of the planet.

Left floundering in the confusion of his own fearful questions, the suffering, dysfunctional parts of Peter’s life, in both dreams and waking experience, flash vividly before him – almost as if he were stuck just before dying, summarizing crimes and regrets – pushing him to the brink of emotional collapse.

During this profoundly disruptive experience, he becomes secretly infatuated – mesmerized for comfort – by the woman who regularly visits. He bonds deeply and subliminally to her beautiful physical presence and her patient emotional calmness, while also feeling deeply fearful of her independent, sometimes hurtful, often inexplicable ways.

This woman, Wind, is the second hero of this psychological adventure, who like Peter must find a way to change her basic assumptions about life, and about Peter, in order for both of them to achieve their separate, though entirely, unbeknownst to them very collaborative goals. This is a story of enlightenment and fulfillment, not only for the Earthman, but for his hosts, the Troubadourians as well.

Dr. Fenn's epic utopian psychological quest-adventure envisions a society whose principle purpose is the nourishment, not of groups but of individual humans, where the prime directive of government is the encouragement and support of our best human performance, instead of keeping itself in power by policing our worst. "Government becomes a university informing us of available views and possibilities, so we can vote for ourselves – instead of a secret power-clique manipulating us to believe in its surreptitious boondoggling choices." All Music, Images and Texts Copyright 2005 by Don Fenn