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Last Updated August, 2005

Don Fenn is a psychologist in private practice, of a Control Mastery persuasion practicing and living in Oakland, CA. He is also a writer (novels, plays, poems, and philosophy) and a composer (songs, piano, and small ensemble instrumental works). He has three children, five grandchildren, and lives with his wife, Ellen Dreibelbis, an excellent fine art painter of renown.

"What I've learned as a psychotherapist, and the remarkable redemption of my own life -- which evoked new visions of human possibility -- drove me to write TROUBADOUR. I was compelled to share the inspirational potential I have discovered in every single human spirit, just waiting for deliverance from the oppression of misguided punishing human social habits. TROUBADOUR is a story of human terror and desperation, courage and fulfillment. It's also a utopian vision of non-violent human collaboration, which changes the way in which everything social or political is done. It's a post-psychology myth of our search for the heroic journey to wholeness -- which reveals what's possible from the best, most generous and creative parts of human nature. It's a story that exposes the Revolution that psychology, at its best is beginning to produce in our human experience. I feel confident that psychology, as a new philosophy will spearhead a Renaissance sometime in the 21st century."

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