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The perception of a fundamental crisis in all natural systems is pervasive, almost universal among the public, encompassing both the pedestrian fear that the world faces some essential crisis, as well as the pervasive warnings by scientists that natural systems are in fact breaking down. The public sphere does not reflect this perception. Public Policy and political discourse avoid it. The media hint at the crisis but its members do not want to go there. Perhaps because all fear that the reflection of a crisis will create the crisis-like nineteenth century fascist George Sorel's theory of the 'General Strike' in which the announcement of a revolution would prompt revolution? except that Sorel desired crisis, whereas the contemporary media and political communities fear it - perhaps because it appears to be already happening in the physical world. You could call this phenomenon "ecological paranoia."

In The Fourth World simulates this ecological paranoia. Global warming and nuclear terrorism bring about a second energy crisis. Chinese and American scientists under heavy surveillance collaborate to develop a new "organic" energy source that will provide a solution to the global warming and make nuclear power obsolete. It is a small device, a "Gasper" which retrieves energy from the human body at the point of death.

The premise of In The Fourth World while dystopian and nightmarish is realistic, even possible. The ethical dilemma it creates in the audience runs deep to the centuries old battle between the Scientific Revolution and the Christian Soul. In The Fourth World revives the dilemma. "Would you sell your soul to save the world?"

This film has been conceived as a digitally animated production. "As the wild is fully encompassed, managed and protected, will the perception of the real dissolve into total simulation?"

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