The First World is a world of Big Money. The Second World is inhabited by those who manage the wealth. The Third World are the countries and people who live and work for the First and Second worlds. The Fourth World is the world of analysts who watch the interaction of the First, Second and Third worlds.

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The script, The Fourth World, is written in a hokey American middle class style of feigned normalcy. The characters are dressed in slightly outrageous clothing with the strange hairstyles of today. The script is the blueprint. The keen eye might see the surrounding context. Additional scenes will be provided to illuminate the project. Suffice it to say the banal voices of the characters are accompanied by mean, tough, and sometimes coy expressions of emotional disturbance.

In the cities of D.C., SF, and LA, there are an inordinate number of old people wandering about. Life in the U.S. has become extremely weird.

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